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Model home merchandising experts at Frosolone Interiors provide you with the checklists below to assist you in your model home merchandising plans.

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Successful housing communities must be merchandised to the potential target market. When we deliver your designed model interiors, we do so with a clear view of the background, lifestyle, income and taste of the buyer. Model home merchandising interiors must feel as if real people live there. Furniture and furnishings must be directed specifically to the potential buyer in regard to budget, level of sophistication, and the traditional lifestyle of the target buyer. The basic elements for interior design are as follows:

Model Home Merchandising Checklist

  1. Show how to use space with furniture
  2. Make traffic flow easily; view space without walking around furniture
  3. All windows should be treated with a softening effect without blocking the light or view; conversely, where views are undesirable, treatments can be used to distract
  4. Use only properly proportioned furniture for room size
  1. Never overload a room with furniture - sell space, not furnishings
  2. Special effects should be used, when appropriate, to show space as larger or warmer
  3. Special lighting should be used to illuminate dark areas and highlight
  4. Rooms should have a triangle of light placement for maximum advantage

Successful housing communities reflect and respect the distinctions of their region, even though it may seem that our nationalized retail chains have created a sort of consumer melting pot. E-commerce and Web sites like and as well as interior furnishings stores like Crate and Barrel and Pottery Barn offer the most recent home fashions, but often with limited, generic choices.

Effective model interiors should mirror distinctions of the community. It is imperative to identify the finer points of the market you are developing. We are versed in your community's cultural personality, taking into account, geography, history demographics, the economic base, and local color.

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Know Your Market By Identifying The Following:

  1. Age Group
  2. Marital Status
  3. Number of Children
  4. Single or Dual Income
  1. Previous Residence
  2. Hobbies or Recreation
  3. Ethnic Group

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  1. Rooms should tell the story of who lives within the home
  2. Themes can tell what activities and recreations available in the community
  1. Children's rooms should reflect an age group with theme and activity
  2. Local school identification can be incorporated within a theme


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  1. Color should be easy, never too bold
  2. Main furniture pieces should not use bold color
  1. Accent or punch color should be used as accent for memorability and relate to the theme and style of furnishings reflected

The interiors' furnishing budget can range from a low end of $15 per square foot upwards of $55. per square foot. With today's current architectural features such as high ceilings and pitches, square foot budget allocation must allow the designer to not only furnish the living space, but the volume space, as well.

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Interior Furnishings Budget

  1. The furnishings budget should be proportionate to the housing cost
  2. Never “under” or “over furnish” for the market
  1. The furnishings should be affordable or obtainable to prospective buyer

When you are at the point of choosing the Frosolone Interiors Design Team, you can be certain you are hiring a professional model home merchandising team versus interior decorators. The difference is very real. Frosolone Interiors understands model homes are an integral part of the entire community presentation geared to selling housing. We specialize in model merchandising, not in selling furniture or in decorating home for an individual client. By going through professional organizations such as National Association of Homebuilders you can get references from other home builders in your region who have used designers for their model homes.

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A design firm should be retained at the time of preliminary architectural drawings The design firm should critique drawings for optimum traffic flow, window and door placement, and furniture layout.


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What To Expect From Your Interior Merchandiser

  1. Complete presentation of color boards, floor plans, elevations
  2. Ability to purchase all furnishings direct from manufacturers
  3. Design of all special effects, furniture layouts, lighting and related design specifications
  4. Color coordination of housing interior and exterior
  1. Installation deadlines met
  2. Budget control; assuring that interior merchandising allocation is advantageously appropriated for maximum affect
  3. A designer who is a marketer with a clear understanding and ability to merchandise the model interiors

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We are your model home merchandising experts.


Model Home Merchandising Home

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